How To Be Successful In High School

To be successful in high school means a lot more than just studying and grades. Yes, grades can be part of overall high school success but they are not the entire story. Here are some other important factors to know if you want to be successful in high school.

Lifestyle & Personal Balance Required To Be Successful

Even if you put in enough time for studying to get good grades, you should still take some time to do sports or exercise. It's good to have a balance of body and mind. Like study habits, it's best to develop good physical fitness habits now because it will be darn hard later in life. If you don't believe me, just take a good look outside or in a shopping mall. What do you see? Lots of unhealthy overweight people, right? If you want to keep having a sexy body for many years to come, you have to keep physically active. There's no way around it.

It doesn't matter whether you exercise through sports at school, outside organized clubs/leagues, with your friends or even on your own. Just be active. Find activities that you will enjoy. If you don't know what you like, try different things out. You can play tennis, team sports like basketball, workout at a gym, snowboard, do martial arts or even dance. The options are endless. Don't be a slouch. Make sure that you have a decent diet too. That doesn't mean overloading with junk food or starving yourself. You need good fuel to provide energy for exercise.

Make time for a social life too. Partying is okay but if too much partying is affecting your grades, then you have to cut down. Go ahead and party once your grades are back up but don't let them sink again. Stay out of trouble with the law too. You don't want a criminal record to prevent you from having a successful future career.

Attitude To Be Successful In High School

Look at the most popular, successful students at your high school. I don't necessarily mean the hottest looking, the most athletic, the toughest, or even the smartest. These kids may not always be well liked by everyone. Instead, look at those who are the friendliest and most well liked at school. These kids have virtually no enemies. Their grades are decent but not necessarily the top. They are fit but not necessarily the athletic stars. Ask yourself, what makes these kids so well liked? They are probably very well rounded and have the best attitudes. They seem to have good leadership skills.

Study these students and copy them because I can predict with confidence that they will eventually become the most successful in life. These kids have what is known as superior people skills. Success in future careers will depend on a combination of intelligence and people skills far more than just intelligence alone. This is a secret I'm sharing with you way in advance. Most students even in university or college won't know about this yet!

If you want to get ahead in developing people and leaderships skills that will be of value in a future career, think about getting a part-time job during the school year and definitely work during the summers. Besides making some of your own extra spending money, you will learn to deal with different people. This is a skill you won't learn in school but will be very important in your future.

Staying in High School vs. Quitting?

Don't even think about quitting high school! History has shown that those who finish high school will get further ahead in life. Yeah, yeah I know, there are some people who have become multi-millionaires and big stars without ever graduating from high school but they are extremely rare. Sure there's a chance that you may become successful without a high school diploma but why gamble? Don't you want to increase your overall chances of becoming successful?

If so, you will need a high school education. Being educated just gives you more options out there in life. It opens more doors for you. Also, if it is important for others to respect you as someone who could speak with intelligence, an education will definitely help.

Don't quit high school to rush into work. If you are going to work for the next 40-50 years, then taking a few years to get through high school is not a huge investment of your time. It is actually investing in yourself. Do your time now for greater potential rewards later. If you already quit high school a number of years ago, it's never too late to go back and get your diploma as a mature student, especially at night school.


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